Who We Are

“Capturing the moment is timeless”

“LuxLife was created under the foundation to seamlessly create and capture
the most stunning and precious memories for our clients.”


Here at LuxLife, we only specialize in wedding and engagement,
photography and videography, We have the knowledge and experience to create the most spectacular wedding and engagement gallery for our clients. LuxLife has developed and cultivated a team of top-level wedding associates to ensure our clients receive enchanted memories that will last a lifetime.

Our History

Our team of associates have over a decade of experience in
wedding photography and videography. The vision for LuxLife has always been to have a
small intimate group of professionals, so we can as a team, collaborate
collectively about each wedding. Our associates have been trained and
educated on the specific fundamentals of weddings by our
Creative Director, Mike . His decade long
media experience, primarily focusing on weddings, has given him the
expertise on educating our team of wedding professionals on the essentials of
wedding photography and videography.

The Experience

Whether it’s that fairytale moment where you become engaged or the
beautiful time when you’re united as one, those cherished moments are
the symbol of the next chapter in your journey together. At LuxLife, we have
a commitment to capturing your heart-felt emotional moments.
(without you even noticing)

Timeless Moments

Over our many years exclusively working in the wedding industry, we have created a legacy in capturing the most delightful moments in weddings and engagements. If there is a certain style you want to model after, from either
previous weddings that we have had the privilege of shooting, or something you already have envisioned, Let us know so we can help make your dream come true.



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